Tuesday, July 17, 2012


     I'm completely and utterly obsessed with studs. (Hi , I'm Jaylin and I'm a studaholic. Here's my story...) I've been into them for years, but never really wore them. You've probably noticed that they are a major trend right now. Everyone's studding their jackets, shirts, shorts, etc. I'm loving it and I've really been wanting to customize my own piece. I didn't have any studs, and didn't want to buy any. (Plus, I've had no extra cash!) I decided to get a bit creative, and instead of using studs, I used old earrings. I simply stuck old earrings from my and my mother's jewelry boxes, through the fabric and added the back piece to keep them in place! I went for both gold and silver earrings, tarnished or old-looking earrings, and earrings that I had only one of left. Here's how it looked:

     Thanks for reading! You should definitely try this on some of your pieces! It's beyond easy.
L.A.F.F. Often, Jaylin

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's A Wrap!


Scarf - Vintage
T-Shirt - Forever 21
Shorts - Macy's
Purse - Vintage Coach
Earrings - Charlotte Russe
Bracelets - Forever 21
Sandals - Forever 21

     I wanted to try something different (keep reading for my inspiration), so I took this really cute scarf and wrapped it around my hair to keep my bangs in place. I wore my white t-shirt and black high-waisted shorts, with my favorite geometric jewelry and gold chain necklace. I slipped on my everyday black sandals.
     So last night I was watching Jenn's (ClothesEncounters on YouTube) videos. One of them featured how she tied her scarves into her own little turban-like headbands. I had to try it and it's so simple. All that's involved is twisting and tucking. Here's the video:

     I love, love, love Jenn's creative style and really should have featured her in my "Style Crushes" post. She really does inspire me and is living proof that style isn't expensive. She's a thrifting queen and is the reason why I want to go more and see what I can find and how I can manipulate and style vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces. Besides the fact that she's inspirational, she's absolutely gorgeous and seems to have the coolest personality. I definitely suggest that you go check her out. Like, now.
     Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.
L.A.F.F. Often, Jaylin

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Sweetness Is An Illusion


Don't be fooled by the collar and floral print. Looks can be deceiving. ;)

Don't these look like curtains?!
Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Forever 21
Shoes - Forever 21
Earrings - Macy's
Bracelets - Charlotte Russe / Forever 21
Ring - Forever 21

     So, I'm totally kidding. I'm not a mean spirited person. (Not all of the time, anyways.) But I'm also not as girly and delicate as this outfit makes me seem. This is way more girly than I usually go for, but it's good to throw in something different every now and then, right?
     I wore very light-colored clothing and gold jewelry. I was going to wear some brown flats, but then I remembered that I had these floral shoes! I figured that since I was aiming for girly, these were unarguably the shoes for the day. I threw my hair up again and kept my eye makeup light.
     Thanks for reading, lovelies.
L.A.F.F. Often, Jaylin

Stripes & Up-do's


Dress - Forever 21
Scarf - Charlotte Russe
Earrings - Macy's
Bracelets - Wet Seal / Gift / Body Central
Purse - Coach
Sandals - Payless

     Today is going to be super casual, so I kept it simple. I threw on my black and white striped dress and paired it with my everyday black and silver sandals. I put on some silver jewelry and grabbed my black Coach purse. I love black and white, but I felt like I needed a pop of color today, so I wrapped my super lightweight yellow scarf around and it gave me the effect I was looking for.
     Now, when I tell you that my hair was a mess, I mean it. I don't usually wear my hair up, but today it was necessary. I teased my hair at the top, to give it some volume and pulled it back into a low bun. Then I curled my bangs and some pieces in the front. Simple, but different for me.
     Well, thanks so much for reading!
L.A.F.F. Often, Jaylin

Friday, July 13, 2012

Trend I'm Loving: PEPLUM!


     One trend I'm definitely looking forward to incorporating into my wardrobe is the peplum trend! Most women avoid clothes that put an emphasis on the waist, but the peplum trend is super flattering. There are different styles, so find the one that fits your body shape best. Peplum is a feature that is included in almost everything. Skirts, dresses, shirts, and jackets are some pieces that you may find the detail in. No matter where I see peplum, I love it! It can turn a really basic outfit into something gorgeous and interesting. I really can't wait to go shopping and pick of some skirts or shirts with this feature. 

     Thanks for reading! Hope you love peplum as much as I do! What are some of your favorite trends?
L.A.F.F. Often, Jaylin

Fashion Friday: Fashion Pet Peeves

     One of my favorite things about fashion, is how it allows you to express yourself. You can break rules, extend barriers, and set groundbreaking trends, just by getting dressed. There is great freedom in fashion. You have the power to dress however you'd like. But with this power, comes great responsibility. There are some things, that just should not be worn. Here are my top five pet peeves, when it comes to dressing.

1. The "Booty" Short

     It's summer, and you've been working hard to get your body in shape. I totally get wanting to show off your legs, with a great pair of shorts. Short shorts always trend this season. However, if your shorts barely cover your panties, you're going a bit overboard. The "booty" short, is not cute. As women, we should carry ourselves with dignity. Letting your butt hang out, will not get you any respect. Especially not from me.

2. Pencil Skirts Paired w/ Camisoles (and nothing over it)

     I always think of pencil skirts as more of a formal piece. It's great for work or dressier occasions. A pencil skirt paired with the right top and accessories is a great outfit. It's really a shame when people make such a basic item, like the pencil skirt, unappealing. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen dressy pencil skirts, paired with basic camisoles. Camis are way too casual to wear with a pencil skirt. I can see if you're wearing a sheer blouse or cardigan over it, but really... just a cami?

3. Aeropostale/Hollister/Abercrombie

     First off, I'd like to say that these three brands do make really cute clothes, of great quality. But everyone wears it! I cannot express to you how upset I get when I see a group of girls dressed head-to-toe in one of these brands, and looking exactly the same. I hate looking like everyone, so these three stores are definitely not for me.

4. "Sexy" Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, T-Shirts, ANYTHING

     I hate anything that says "sexy" on it. Unless it's a pair of lazy shorts or a sweatshirt or something that you just wear around the house. I just don't see the point of having "sexy" written all over you. If you were really all that sexy, people would know without you telling them. There's nothing wrong with thinking you're sexy. I have no doubt that you are. But would you be attracted to a guy who's t-shirt said "HANDSOME" in big, bold letters? I think not.

5. Knock Offs

     Lets say you're a designer. You've spent hours and hours and hours, designing the perfect bag. You make the first one yourself, and make sure the others are made just as carefully. The design is unique, the material's to-die-for, and you're really proud of your hard work. You sell each bag for $100, thinking that's fair, considering the expensive material and labor put behind the bag. Someone else sees the bag. Recreates in the cheapest, fastest way possible. Sells it for $10. Ends up making more money from your bag than you did. Not very fair, huh?

     Whew! It feels good to let those opinions out. But remember, fashion is what you make it. So if putting on a pair of booty shorts, a Hollister t-shirt, a big, chunky "sexy" necklace and a knock off Coach bag makes you feel good, wear that! And wear your favorite pencil skirt and camisole combination when you go out later. How clothes make you feel, is what's really important. So, disregard my little rant, and be yourself.
     Thanks for reading! What are some of your pet peeves? I'm sure I forgot something.
L.A.F.F. Often, Jaylin

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There is Pleasure in the Pathless Woods

Maxidress - Dots
Necklace - Forever 21
Earrings - Gift
Bracelets - Downtown Disney, Forever 21, Mom's Closet

     Okay. So, I'm not much of a "nature" person. But I use to go hiking all the time. I was a rock-collecting, tree-climbing, adventurous little girl. I grew out of it though, and rarely ever just take a stroll through my local "metroparks" anymore. And these woods... they were not necessarily "pathless". There were a lot of paths, benches, bridges, etc. But regardless, I did enjoy being outdoors. Everything was so pretty and delicate. The trees were green. The river was fast and shallow. The dragonflies were this brilliant blue. Being out there was inspiring, once I got past the intense heat. I really would like to get outdoors more, come fall. This heat is way too crazy to try to spend time out right now.
     I just wore my yellow and white maxidress. I tried to keep the outfit light and simple, since I was going to be outside. I stacked my bracelets and wore my "aztec-y" earrings. I found my  little "forever" necklace and had to throw it on! For makeup, I just went with my everyday eyeliner and mascara.
     Thanks so much for reading! I apologize for the gap between posts, but I hope you enjoyed this one.
L.A.F.F. Often, Jaylin